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Can you name the answers to these questions that were asked at Sporcle Live events on 9/3/13?

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What is the least populous U.S. state whose name contains the word “New”?U.S. States
What song by Guns ‘N Roses contains the lyric: “Everybody needs somebody, you're not the only one.”Lyrics
In the 2006 animated film Curious George, who provides the voice for the man in the Yellow Hat?Voices
On the TV show Friends, Joey got an acting job playing the character Dr. Drake Ramoray on what real-life soap opera?Shows in Shows
Including both Summer and Winter Olympic games, what is the only non-European country other than the United States to have hosted the Olympics in the 1990s?Olympics
Created in the 1960s, what fictional dog character has an owner named Emily Elizabeth Howard?Fictional Characters
What musical opened in 1964 and contains the songs “Matchmaker”, “If I Were a Rich Man”, and “Sunrise, Sunset”?Musicals
During what century was Italian merchant traveler Marco Polo born?History
In what 2006 comedy film are the nation's crops irrigated with a Gatorade-like sports drink named 'Brawndo'?Fictional Beverages
What was the first ever horror film to be nominated for Best Picture? It earned 10 different Academy Award nominations in total.Final Question of the Night - Academy Awards

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