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Name the answers to these trivia questions from Sporcle's Battle of the Brains?

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On August 16, 1984, which automotive tycoon was found not guilty of peddling cocaine due to entrapment?
What company began in 1983 as the Bell Atlantic Corporation?
In the 1950s, Choo Choo Charlie was the spokesperson for what brand of candy?
Which US space shuttle flew more missions than any of the other shuttles?
In 1772, pharmacist Carl Scheele discovered an element he called 'fire air.' What is the modern name of the element he discovered?
Which 1975 rock song opens with the following lyrics: 'See me ride out of the sunset...'?
What is the only Ivy League school that is officially named as a “college” as opposed to a “university”?
Who finished 3rd to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in the famous 1998 home run chase with 56 home runs?
During his 1989-94 TV show, what did Arsenio Hall call the section of fist pumping audience members near the stage?
Who did Hulk Hogan defeat to win his first WWF Heavyweight Title in 1984?
In 2011, seventeen-year-old Teresa Scanlan from Nebraska became the youngest person since 1933 to win what title?
Who was the first US president to have a government owned/issue vehicle?
Which classic novel features the characters Captain John Yossarian, Captain Aardvark and Doctor Daneeka?
Before disappearing in a 2010 merger, which airline had hubs in Cleveland, Newark and Houston?
There are two non-US cities that have a Six Flags amusement park. One is Mexico City and the other is which Canadian city?

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