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1. Name of the E Street sax player
2. Nickname for the answer to #1
3. Name of the E Street drummer
4. Name of the E Street lead guitarist (no he's not actually from Miami)
5. Name of E Street guitarist who also played with Neil Young
6. E Street member married to Springsteen
7. 2007 Album Title by the answer to #6
8. Name of the E Street violinist
9. This E Street bass player is pretty talented
10. Name of the E Street pianist
11. Nickname for the answer to #10
12. 'Phantom' organ player for the E Street Band
13. Springsteen's nickname
14. What religion was Springsteen raised?
15. What state is Springsteen from?
16. What month was Springsteen born in?
17. What is Springsteen's middle name?
18. First names of Springsteen's three children (no and)
19. Name of first album
20. First track on the answer to #19
21. Number of Grammy's Springsteen has won
22. Album which is a response to 9/11
23. Best selling album
24. 'hey little dolly with the _____ _____ on'
25. Song title for #24
26. 'shining like these streetlights down here on the strand, bright as the rain in the _____ _____ _____ _____'
27. Song title for #26
28. 'my heart's dark but it's risin', I'm pullin' all the _____ I can see'
29. Song title for #28
30. '_____ _____ _____ hey bop a de da down'
31. 'it ain't written in the sky above, no _____ _____ told me this'
32. Song title for #31
33. '_____ girl sittin' on the hood of a dodge'
34. Song Title for #32
35. 'Now all that _____ gonna come to no end, cause I'm just biding my time, my little friend'
36. Song Title for #33
37. Tom Joad is a character from what book?
38. Whose dress waves in Thunder Road?
39. What Springsteen song won an Oscar?
40. Which 'friend' joined Springsteen onstage for 'Dacing in the Dark'
41. How many shots 'cut through the night?'

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