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Updated Sep 21, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
♫ Singer of the song, Lou ___ ♫
Pleads on one's knees
Harry Truman's wife
A sloppy situation
A netted fabric
'Breaking Bad' drug
One of the 'Little Women'
What one takes in the tub
A walkway in a park
Stringy plant fibers
Pocket bread
♫ Girl mentioned in the song ♫
Clue4-Letter Word
A religious ceremony
Sink your teeth into
Vehicle for the Tour de France
Put a cake in the oven
Actor Gyllenhaal
Tarzan's mate
Month after May
A song
Fish used in sandwiches
♫ Girl mentioned in the song ♫
Stabby part of a fork
Become exhausted
Clue4-Letter Word
Zero a scale
Give a hoot
Grant of 'North by Northwest'
♫ Girl mentioned in the song ♫
Zuckerberg of Facebook fame
Bobby Darin's '___ the Knife'
Be in need of
Moisten with a tongue
Part of a chain
A tattletale
A fee for speeding
♫ The Song: Mambo No. ___ ♫

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