DD Things

Can you name the two word terms that are initialed 'D.D.'?

Drivers deliberately damage each other in this dirt track destruction event this Sunday! SUNDAY!
Delino DeShields was born near here, the only state and capital that start with ''D'' (city, state)
Dice rolls determine destiny in this fantasy RPG where dorks can be elves, wizards, or dwarves
Doomsday-related visions follow Jake Gyllenhaal in this 2001 psychological thriller-fantasy
Distinguished Chelsea goalscorer also known for his philanthropy in his native Côte d'Ivoire
Drinking tonight? Make sure one of your friends is this, so he can drive you home sober
Distributor of illegal substances; my guy gets his stuff straight from Colombia
Dunk a chip you've bitten before in the bowl and you will be accused of this party faux pas
Disgraceful military release reserved for those who commit serious offenses while in active duty
Declare your own wager in this hidden Jeopardy! clue. Answer, the _____ ______
Deep fried treats and coffee are sold at this chain in competition with Krispy Kreme in the US
Day which an assignment is to be turned in. You'll need to do extra credit if you miss it
Devious archenemy of the Fantastic Four and leader of the Marvel Universe nation of Latveria
Director and actor who was Louie De Palma in 'Taxi' and now plays Frank in 'It's Always Sunny'
Decade old music video game in which players move their feet to the beat (with ''Revolution'')
Dude who played FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files
Data and audio compression technologies company that provides surround sound for films
Dim-witted animated Canadian Mountie from a segment on ''The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show''
Don't put baby in the corner. This 1987 romantic film starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey
Decided term for the Normandy landings on Tuesday, 6 June 1944
Difficult to spell East African nation and capital between Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia
Dapper physician who can talk with animals like the Pushmi-pullyu
Driest and hottest time of summer, or with ''Afternoon'', a film starring Al Pacino
During the 80s they picked up a Grammy for ''Hungry Like the Wolf'' and ''Girls on Film''
David Bowie's chart topping 1974 concept album featuring ''Rebel Rebel''
Domestic pet entranceway that is usually a hinged flap on a human-sized door
Disney character with a sailor's cap, red bow tie, no pants, orange feet, and an orange bill
Dunk master known as ''Chocolate Thunder'' who slam jammed the NBA from 1975-'89
Dexter's taller and clumsier sister from Cartoon Network's ''Dexter's Laboratory''
Different from thin crust or pan pizza, this Chicago-style of pizza is a bit thicker and heavier
Double platinum in the US, this sophomore album from Gorillaz featured ''Feel Good Inc.''
Devilish yet divine oxymoronic mascot of Wake Forest University
Distinguishable, red, two story, London buses that first appeared in 1919
Dough paid in relation to a rented item to ensure it is returned in good condition
Dirt based arcade game in which you tunnel around to defeat underground-dwelling monsters
Death Row Records former co-owner, platinum gangsta rapper, and founding member of N.W.A
Delivery of content through data transfer rather than through paper, CDs, or DVDs
Deplorable act of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
Division of the US Federal Govt. charged with supervising functions of national security
Dubbed ''The Ice Cream of the Future,'' this beaded treat is sold at stadiums and theme parks
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