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Can you name the weapons found in FFVII?

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Cloud's Original Weapon 
'Fictitious Metal' Sword 
Stolen Weapon from Soldier 
Forms after a razor blade goes into its cocoon 
Never found this one ( Gaea's Cliff ) 
Built from living things? 
Master Jedi Thief 
Sword with strange markings? 
Some mistake this with Sephiroth's weapon 
Slightly Barbarian of Cloud 
Nothing to do with Mario 
Doom Doom Doom 
Nimbus, Stratus, Cumulus, and I guess this one? 
Valhalla Tremble! 
The final blade! 
Barret's Original Weapon 
A prize for beating the first boss 
Strange Short Range Weapon 
The first step before the A bomb? 
burdensome machine gun? 
Good for Hacking Zombies 
really small hyper-focused light 
intense wake-up call? 
WMG in Acronym form? 
Taken from a page of Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 
State of Matter?, Type of Bubble Gum? 
even stranger short range weapon 
grab this guy and attach him to your arm 
Grappling Hook? 
as opposed to Min Beam? 
I'm glad you 'found' it! 
Tifa's Original Weapon 
Possibly made of brass? 
fictitious metal weapon? 
It would be funny if it sold for 1000 gil 
Ripped from Shere Khan's mouth! 
Valuable Hand Accessory 
Puff's talon? 
Valuable Hand Accessory 
Car Part? 
Pt glove? 
German emperor's glove? 
dont get your hands dirty? 
If Tifa's HP is critical than the power is increased times two! 
Move of the boss in Smash Bros! 
Comes from the Heavens! 
DIscount Organs! 
Aeris's Original Weapon 
Fictitious Metal Stick 
Sequel to Kubrick's War Movie? 
Stolen from Eligor in the Train Graveyard 
Harness the power of rainbows! 
formed in the northern lights? 
Used by a sorceror? 
Smarter than the wise staff? 
for ex. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel 
Keeps you dry! 
Steiner from FFIX's sole reponsibility 
Nanaki's Original Weapon 
Most Valuable Hairstyline Piece 
Less Valuable Hairstyling Piece 
Valuable Hairstlying Piece 
made out of the shell of giant turtle creature found throughout the franchise 
Nanaki's good ol friend Swarovski gave it as a gift? 
used to brush a witch's hair 
Pt hairpiece? 
only costs a penny! 
simple hair styling tool 
received after beating Gi warlord 
So that's where Khmari's went? 
Found in the Ancient Forest 
phase of the lunar cycle? 
Yuffie's Original Weapon 
Yuffie's trip to Australia yields a souvenir 
Yuffie's Dangerous Child Toy 
Hard to shave with.... 
Taken from a bird of prey? 
Valuable Religious Item 
Present from Boreas? 
Translates to Double Snake 
A dizzy ninja might use one? 
Man of Steel's favorite toy as a child 
A Ninja mage might use one? 
House of the... 
Paper Crane 
Yuffie just trying to fit in... 
Cait Sith
M is for megaphone and Cait Sith's original weapon 
M is for megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
not a megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
not a megaphone 
M is for megaphone 
not a megaphone 
Vincent's Original Weapon 
A fistful of boomstick 
small length gun? 
a professional wrestling move? 
Actual Rifle 
NRA's point? 
Baseball players who can hit? 
long length gun? 
Bling Bling? 
useful for picking off those pesky Mu's from a distance 
The 'ST' must stand for something? 
Foreginer or not part of the group? 
Only in some states! 
Cid's Original Weapon 
I would call mine 'Stab Spear' 
Thank you Neptune! 
Blade at the top of the ship? 
a pole weapon or type of politics 
Snakes and Spears 
Olympic Sport? 
Maybe if you water it? 
Useful for killing and cleaning! 
Shared weapon with Kimahri of the Ronso 
usually refers to a smaller curved blade 
one who skins animals? 
Ghostly Pole 
Aphrodite's choir? 
Palmer is fat. 
Only weapon that criticals on every hit! 

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