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Can you name the rungs in the pyramids to find the countries?

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First letter of the alphabet 
Indefinite article before a vowel sound 
Competed in a race for example? 
Gain money by working 
Where you might practice your golf swing? 
Annoys, irks 
Citrus fruits, types include Valencia, Navel or Blood 
To sort or list for ease of reference (UK Sp.) 
Where were you heading? 
Not too tough?
James Bond's boss and head of MI6 
Pa's spouse? 
Not a female person 
To complain or lament vocally 
Proteins have 20 of these acids 
An area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler 
Of no fixed abode, like mobile societies 
Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Ricky Gervais? 
Where were you heading? 
Chemical symbol for Sulfur 
You and I 
Boolean operator which totals series of numbers 
Filth, obscenity in speech or writing 
What you might do with a guitar if tired of plucking? 
A self evident, obvious platitude or truth 
The upper chambers of the heart? 
Italian coffee and liquor dessert with sponge layers 
Where were you heading? 
High speed force experienced by pilots for example 
Silver, as per the periodic table 
An old horse or an annoyance? 
A strong, sharp taste or odour 
18th President of the USA 
A deep red gemstone 
A coarse-grained, very hard igneous rock 
The process of allowing air to circulate through 
Where were you heading? 
Paired with 2 Hs in water 
Towards a fixed position 
A British crib 
A Mexican tortilla with filling 
A raccoon-like North American omnivore 
Relating to the largest artery in the body 
Someone with an absence or weakness of a pulse 
Series of lines where the first letters spell out a word 
Where were you heading? 
50, in ancient Rome 
The sixth tone of a diatonic scale 
Smith's double oscar nominated biopic 
Volatile Turkish currency 
Where disputes are settled between parties legally 
A long, noosed rope used to catch cattle 
Hermes' winged footwear 
Class of workers in economy with fixed annual wage 
Where were you heading? 

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