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Friendly looking volleyball washed up this morning. Doesn’t answer to Baden or VoightCast Away
Plastic bag of standard US prison clothes, took me 10 washes to get them clean, smelt like someone had been crawling through the sewers in them!The Shawshank Redemption
A blue pill, one of a set. No idea what happened to the red oneThe Matrix
A teaspoon and bag of sugar - collect these and get a free empty medicine bottleMary Poppins
An alarm clock, batteries NOT included, I removed them because it keeps playing I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher every morning.Groundhog Day
Bar of pink soap, may or may not have been made with stolen fat. May or may not existFight Club
Skateboard, missing all 4 wheels. Still seems to work ok!Back to the Future Part II
Large ornate door, definitely seen better days but seems to float if you wanted to take it out on the river. Definitely room for two onboardTitanic
Woolly gloves, parcels, doorbells, copper kettles, satin sashes, sleigh-bells, someone really loved this stuff! Is that an apple strudel?!The Sound Of Music
An unused sick bag, must have belonged to whoever didn't have the fishAirplane!
Item Film % Correct
A journal, probably of great significance to the owner. Seems to be full of entirely vacuous nonsense about obsession with a couple of British guysBridget Jones's Diary
Orange and pale blue canes, would match a similar colored top hat and tailsDumb and Dumber
1961 Ferrari Spyder GT California, only 100 ever made. The other 99 are surely in better condition...Ferris Bueller's Day Off
One second hand coffee mug, appears to have been put back together. Made by the Kobayashi Porcelain CompanyThe Usual Suspects
A well traveled watch; bought in a little general store in Knoxville Tennessee. I hear the owner is very keen to get it back despite the smell of itPulp Fiction
One typewriter, over half the keys worn out but the rest (including the I & T keys) seem like they’ve never been pressed...The Shining
Two small figurines of a woman and a child found buried in Italian soil. Must have meant a lot to someoneGladiator
A couple of antique shotguns, found in the Thames. They might not make you look mean but they are still guns and they still fire bulletsLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
One egg; seems in poor condition but somehow still in one piece; smells a bit funkyCool Runnings
A large white honking bird must have been lost, maybe at sea. All I can find is its dog tagsTop Gun

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