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Can you name the artists or bands who've left items in Sporcla's Lost and Found Bin?

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ItemArtist/BandRelevant song/s
One single white glove. Interested parties only, if you know it’s not yours then beat it
A whole bunch of divine individuals, seem to have no idea where they are going
One lovin’ feeling, may have been lost before, a couple of wholesome looking chaps came in and seemed to blame you for its loss
I think it’s a formicary, but doesn’t seem to be anything like I’ve seen on this planet before
One set of bracelets seem to have gone walkies, not sure of the heritage but look like they may be Egyptian
FAO the eight-piece band from Birmingham, UK who were on their way to the unemployment benefits office. You left your form which allows you to claim your money!
Please could the four chaps come and collect the piece of Scandinavian oak and the trio of trendy kittens they dropped in last week
One big cat handed in after being spotted nearby, doesn’t seem to respond to any commands
A whole bunch of jalapenos, if this item is not collected soon I will give it away
A brightly coloured chocolate has been handed in. I’ve contacted the American owner but I doubt the fact it’s been found will make him any less angry….
ItemArtist/BandRelevant song/s
One pair of finished leather, teal cleats. One terribly overprotective owner
A pile of perfectly spherical rocks, please could someone pick these up asap, I can’t keep them still!
One plaster/adhesive bandage, looks like it may have been meant to be a present but perhaps the owner didn’t know it was Christmas time at all?
Small black terrier, keep trying to convince him to go home because there’s no place like it
An old sack has been handed in, apparently the father of the family has found a replacement
Honestly, how has anybody lost an airship?! There’s no way this one would even get up in the air let alone to heaven!
A load of broken yellow clocks found in my place, a whole group of spies and a scientist has tried to fix them to no avail
One jar of preserve, looks as though it's been made from oysters!!
Message for the man in black who dropped in the prophylactics filled with money. I was hurt and I wouldn’t like to see you again!
As a matter of interest that Irish chap who came in on that beautiful day. Did you manage to find what you were looking for?

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