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Can you name the three letter answers making up six letter rungs in the word ladder??

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Clue 1AnswerClue 2
♥ *'Some like it hot' star - Marilyn ______ ♥♥ ______ Cannon, Mariah Carey's newborn daughter ♥
Not a womanFoot digit
What you may go to hot places for?Hill
♥ 'The Power', darts player Phil ______ ♥♥ ______ Swift, grammy winning music star ♥
Give money toNot high
Pet approvingly or a British postmanSomething an argumentative oarsmen may do
To core a fruit, or a deep holeFish eggs
♥ 2000 French Open champion, Mary ______ ♥♥ ______ Brosnan, ex Bond star ♥
A fastenerFrozen water
Lust, pride, and envy are all deadly onesExtreme anger
Male childOld English word for before
Spanish for sun (and also a popular beer)To make a mistake
US internet service providerContains a hammer, an anvil and a stirrup
To feel sickSean Tilman aka ___ Mar Superstar
Target, goalNot near
To supply weapons toAnimal coat
♥ Children's cartoon aardvark ♥♥ ______ Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes author ♥
Hormone Replacement Therapy, in shortSmall shelter
To strike, or a popular muscial compositionHeadwear
IntelligenceWhat the cat did on the mat?
What a champion doesA drunkard
♥ Tom Hanks volleyball friend ♥♥ ______ Kipketer, triple world champion over 800m ♥
No goals in soccerA heavy weight
The egg of a headlousePlaything
Equipment for a tennis player or an anglerSauce, used predeominantly in chinese cookery
To allow, give permissionIn baseball, Chicago's are white while Boston's are red
Auctioneer's sale itemWomen are the fairer one of these
Very warmTo confuse
♥ The first director of the FBI, J Edgar ______ ♥♥ Competition for Dyson in the vacuum cleaner market ♥
To jump on one legFor each
The summit, or the peakLatin prefix meaning foot
Faucet, in the UKWhere peas grow
The only certainty except deathA rocker's enemy?
The 19th letter of the greek alphabetInsane
♥ 'The _____ Show', 1998 film with Jim Carrey ♥♥ ______ Capote, prolific American author ♥
A score in rugby or to attemptPlural of above
To weepWhere a pig may be kept
ShyUrinate (slang)
A police officer?A Scottish river
Peaked headgearAn English river
♥ Samuel L Jackson's basketball coach role ♥♥ Get ______, 1971 British crime film ♥
A charmer, charlatanBlack sticky substance
A fish that started a warCould precede bill, bell or fly
A fisherman's friendA sack
Scarlet or crimsonTo silence or retch
♥ American ex-radio talk show host, Michael ______ ♥♥ ______ Penn, Hawaiian-born brother of UFC champion B.J. ♥

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