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'___ the rhythm, ___ the rhyme!'Quote - Team
To provide someone with foodOther Trivia
Irv did this to Jamaica after disgracing his country (USA) by cheatingCool Runnings Trivia
'Greetings, ____ god'Quote - Sanka
An idea or a tree would grow from one!Other Trivia
An exploit or achievementOther Trivia
'Sanka mon, you ____?'Quote - Derice
A description of Yul Brenner by Sanka: 'a big bald bubble____'Cool Runnings Trivia
'It's not so much the ___, it's the humidity that kills you'Quote - Irv
'How about I ___ your butt right now?'Quote - Yul
'I am the ___ pushcart driver in all of Jamaica!'Quote - Sanka
What the team were seen as on entering the Olympics, an annoyanceCool Runnings Trivia
Unfortunately the Jamaicans weren't first past the winning ____Cool Runnings Trivia
A type of inheritance tax, the Pre-Owned Assets TaxOther Trivia
A type of farmyard animalOther Trivia
Josef Gruhl would do this to Junior in order to antagonise the teamCool Runnings Trivia
'That guy won two ____ medals?'Quote - Sanka
'But coach, I can't ___ it, we're not bobsledding yet!'Quote - Sanka
An otter's homeOther Trivia
Usain, has all the attributes to be a world class sledder!Cool Runnings Trivia
'If we're going to make it into the Olympics, this is the ___ that's going to take us there'Quote - Irv
The team were primarily disqualified, in other words, given the ___Cool Runnings Trivia
A spot or stain, especially ink on paperOther Trivia
Sanka had to do this hard to deal with the freezing temperatures of CalgaryCool Runnings Trivia
'Only a fool would put their money on TUM____EED'Quote - Radio
A cup of tea in England or a beer in the USAOther Trivia
'Who's the captain of our ____, who's a friend to me and you?'Quote - Sanka
Hitchcock's favourite large black birdOther Trivia
To edit or shortenOther Trivia
Where chickens may liveOther Trivia
___ Runnings!!!!Quote - Team
Noises that doves makeOther Trivia
Where US soldiers or british babies sleepOther Trivia
Bobsleds and toilets are simple things, so are these cooking vesselsCool Runnings Trivia
If the bobsled had been an F1 car, the team would need to take it here after damaging it!Cool Runnings Trivia
Irv buys the team new ones, in which Sanka is worried he'll freeze!Cool Runnings Trivia
'Hey dreadlocks! Let me ___ your lucky egg!'Quote - Yul
River in Josef Gruhl's country, tributary of the Danube.Other Trivia
Entering the first bobsled team was a big one for the Jamaican olympic ministerCool Runnings Trivia
Mr Astley is never gonna give you up!Other Trivia
Driver of Cool Runnings, De____ Bannock!Cool Runnings Trivia
'What have you done to the po____ unit, I shall arrest you!'Quote
'Remember, this doesn't mean that I ____ you'Cool Runnings Trivia
The team could have practised their pushstarts on a frozen one?Cool Runnings Trivia
'I'm the driver! No you're the b___man!'Quote - Sanka
To demolish completely e.g buildings (UK spelling)Cool Runnings Trivia
'___ and shine, it's butt-whippin' time!'Quote - Team
By any other name it remains oneOther Trivia
Where the Winter Olympics will be held in 2020Cool Runnings Trivia
'Thy kingdom ___, gold medals won, on earth as it is in Turn Seven'Quote - Irv
A large learned book, I doubt Cool Runnings was based on oneā€¦..Cool Runnings Trivia
'Get on up, it's bobsled ___!'Quote - Team

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