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DescriptionEpidode Name
Homer takes a job with the Globex Corporation
Homer promises Bart that if he saves Mr. Burns he'll be showered with riches
Homer gives the family a dog as a gift
Moe steals a drink idea from Homer
A German group buys the nuclear plant
Homer attempts to sabotage the new Leftorium
An excavation seemingly unearths the remains of an angel
Marge plays the lead in a musical version of a classic play
Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Martin go to the Wo__d F_ir
Lisa writes an essay called 'Cesspool on the Potomac'
DescriptionEpidode Name
Bart gets hit by a car
Milhouse accidentally knocks out Herman
Milhouse gets a major role in a Hollywood movie
Kirk Van Houten sings, 'Can I Borrow a Feeling?'
Milhouse and Bart tie up Martin
Marge joins the Springfield PD
Skinner dates pre-lesbian Patty
Lyle Lanley scams Springfield out of its money
Lurleen sings 'Bunk with me Tonight'
Burns runs against Mary Bailey

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