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Can you name the Final Fantasy Bosses by Description?

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XII - The Elite Mark with the most hit points
XII - Face him in the Draklor Laboratory
XII - Beat it in time or get crushed
X - Hungry boss who tries to knock you off a cliff
X - Summoner who goes 3-against-3 with Yuna
X - The first Summoner to defeat Sin
IX - Zorn and Thorn are really the two halves to this being
IX - The name for the three crazed black mages
IX - The swordswoman who Steiner's sweet on
VIII - Seifer's two sidekicks
VIII - After being defeated, he hides in a cocoon in shame
VIII - It merges with Ultimecia during the final battle
VII - After his defeat, he's hit by a truck
VII - Lost an arm along with Barret
VII - Large snake that guards the marshes
VI - Painting possessed by a demon
VI - Demon possessing Cyan
VI - Flying boss that can only be found with the Falcon
IV - Made up of several evil dolls
IV - Defeat him to restore his memory
IV - The collective name of Sandy, Cindy and Mindy

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