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Can you name the rhymes based on the NHL teams?

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You raise this to build a company (Washington)The root symbol in mathematics or biologically destructive compounds or “You Only Get What You Give”
An aviator, pilot, airplane passenger (Philadelphia)The last name of a “Two and a Half Men” star
Flightless birds from Antarctica and Madagascar (Pittsburgh)This enables your car to convert power to motion
'Go Go Power ______' (New York)Friends waiting to happen!
Satan (New Jersey)When you flatten an area, equalizing it
Inhabitants of a borderless country (New York)The Full House family
A type of bear (Boston)Corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut serverd on rye bread
Natives of Canada (Montreal)A type of horse; the days are hotter than hot
A stout single-edged curved sword (Buffalo)A beam of light whose applications include presentations and world domination
This symbol is on the Canadian flagThis emotion has five stages (and if you're this team, 44 years)
They're the people in Congress (Ottawa)People who loan money and wreck economies
Thunderbolts and (Tampa Bay)The act of bleaching teeth
A typhoon for Americans (Carolina)Rainier Wolfcastle's alter ego
An American songbird (Atlanta)A subgenre of horror
Like Bagheera from “The Jungle Book” (Florida)Fortunate people who are able to move rhythmically to music
A shoe store or a cardinal's fliers (Detroit)more than twine, less than rope
Opposite of prey (Nashville)The highest position in a newspaper
A dark bird of prey (Chicago)Types include: igneous, sedimentary, metaphoric, Kid, Chris and The
Melancholic music or sexy dance (St. Louis)Evidence left at a crime scene
An enlisted person in the US or British Navy (Columbus)sugar and data often come in these small units
A derogatory term for a French Canadian (Vancouver)an arrival or entry of large numbers of things
FIRE (Calgary)Ladies, dames, squeezes
Uncontrolled, feral (Minnesota)Offspring, spawn
The mudslide of snow (Colorado)A large farm where animals are bred and raised
People who find oil (Edmonton)An unwanted revelation of information or a car accessory
Jaws (San Jose)A comedic family
Disney's Mighty team (Anaheim)Tonka popularized this type of vehicle
Wild West scavengers (Phoenix)Prepared dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with potato filling
A book in the Bible (Los Angeles)If he retired, would he change his last name to “Stung”?
These comprise constellations and Hollywood (Dallas)Neosporin helps prevent these, Mederma helps cure them

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