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Can you name the rhymes based on the NFL teams?

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A radical party in the 70s that fought for equal rights (Carolina) A platter consisting of a tiny portions of several appetizers in most restaurants
Visitors who take the food in your fridge (Oakland)Luke's Father
A bird of prey near a large body of water (Seattle)A heart-to-heart conversation or a TED presentation
A red bird or type of direction (Arizona)Where weapons and equipment are stored
People who pack stuff into boxes (Green Bay)A person not living up to his or her potential, typically a teenager or in college
King of the Jungle, Leo (Detroit)A descendant of a notable family
A hybrid breed of cat (Cincinnati)A popular spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A big feline or type of car (Jacksonville)A record breaking steroid user
A pejorative term for Native Americans (Washington)Sixteen of these is a perfect regular season in the NFL
The smart mammal that constantly gets caught in tuna nets (Miami)Poison produced by an organism
Peopler who really love their country (New England)Done without the knowledge of others
A male sheep or type of memory (St. Louis)A baby sheep, not a type of memory
Highest ranking member of a tribe (Kansas City)Underwear or about how long this team's playoff hopes lasts
Panda, Polar, Grizzly (Chicago)A short request uttered to a god
A bird of prey with a notched beak (Atlanta)Earth's yellow star
Another word pirate (Tampa Bay)One who fronts the money for an operation
The color of mud (Cleveland)Sad faces, usually after a disappointing season
People who dabble in steel (Pittsburgh)An entity that buys and sells goods
The demonym for people from Texas (Houston)You ask this in the hopes of getting an answer
A horse or one of the 3 Ninjas (Indianapolis)A high caffeine drink from the 90s, competed with Surge
They go marching in (New Orleans)Like handcuffs
You use this to repower your phone (San Diego)Long range attackers or a spy for ISIS
They searched for gold in 1849 (San Francisco)A person who mines
Nordic pillagers (Minnesota)A feeling of regard or fondness
Monthly debit (Buffalo)A set of usable individual attributes developed over time
Poe's famous quoting bird (Baltimore)A place of safety or refuge
A grocery store chain or massive human being (New York)A John Grisham novel/movie, who a lawyer represents
Thought they were mightier than the gods (Tennessee)One of the sons of Neptune
The natural rival of Native Americans (Dallas)An imitation used as a distraction
The national bird (Philadelphia)These birds are near oceans
Very fast stream of liquid or gas (New York)Something owed
A wild or half-tamed horse (Denver)Rainwear, lighter than a jacket

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