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Can you name the rhymes based on the NBA teams?

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The woody member of Canis Lupus (Minnesota)A set of tricks to employ on the dance floor or a video game
What you shoot a basketball or a hockey puck through (New Jersey)A type of elastic pants, often a sign you've given up
One of the yellow and black insects (New Orleans)A notoriously terrible travel site
One who sets a pace (Indiana)Lawyers and ambulances or drink after a drink
One who lingers around a lake (Los Angeles)One who commits a ruse
A male deer who's name once represented commodity currency (Milwaukee)It's what a guy wears to prom and the name of the Linux mascot
A spellcaster like Gandalf (Washington)A reptile, Improv group “Broken ____”
Smart dinosaurs warned about in Jurassic Park and XKCD (Toronto)A person that finds and confines another
Opposite of Lightning (Oklahoma City)A huge mistake
Grab this by the horns (Chicago)An itchy type of clothing material
Hair or coupon cutters (Los Angeles)Found on jackets and pants, Flipper's evil twin
“Hocus Pocus” is a phrase of this variety (Orlando)Three goals in a hockey game
Gold can come in this McForm (Denver)If the government balanced this, it would be awesome
Sarah Palin (Dallas)“Picture” in Internet Slang
The shiny thing on a cowboy boot (San Antonio)A type of tree, mostly known as Douglas
A type of bear or Adams (Memphis)A brand of gum
A small North American cat with a barred and spotted coat and a short tail (Charlotte)A quick conversation
They move up and down in an engine (Detroit)Arhur was king of these people from the UK
A bird of prey, Foghorn Leghorn dealt with the chicken version (Atlanta)The sound a parrot makes or a Donkey Kong Country animal helper
A thermometer or ill-placed finger measures this (Miami)A short message sent on Twitter
Modal music based on improvisation, Louis Armstrong (Utah)The incessantly spinning Looney Tunes character
Another word for pioneer (Portland)Shave or call with this
They are named for year 1776 (Philadelphia)Another word for one who repairs or who purposefully changes the outcome of a game
A shortened nickname for a New YorkerCereal often denied to a relentless rabbit
The big yellow thing in the sky (Phoenix)Typically cash on hand
A regal ruler (Sacramento)A jewel that goes on your finger
Of or pertaining to the Celts (Boston)An ancient object of historical interest
Fighers, “come out to play-iay” (Golden State)One who aids in the transport of goods
NASA launches these now and again (Houston)This is in Dr. Suess's pocket
A gallant or chivalrous man (Cleveland)The multiple layers of gas around the earth

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