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Language - the only common word in English that has five vowels in a row
Religion - the only bald person in the Bible
Just for Fun - the only thing to fear
Literature - the only author to win the Hugo and Nebula awards in consecutive years
Science - only scientist to win a Nobel Prize in two areas
Sports - the only NHL goalie to score two goals by shooting the puck directly into the net
Movies - the only actor to be both a Batman villain and a Bond villain
Television - the only actor to appear as a castmember on both SNL and MadTV
Entertainment - the only dead member of Monty Python
Miscellaneous - the only person on “Time's Person of the Year” list whose last name starts with “Z”
Holiday - the only month without a federal holiday (US)
Gaming - the only US game to use the Nintendo 64's Vocal Recognition Unit
Geography - the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that's still around
History - the only 20th century president to not attend college
Music - The Only Band That Matters

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