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Can you name the lockouts and strikes in the Big 4 sports leagues?

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NFL (Strike)Replacement players were used, union support waned, and players went back to work And a Keanu Reeves movie was born.
MLB (Strike)Teams that lost a premium free agent could be compensated by drawing from a pool of players left unprotected from all of the clubs. Free agency players were restricted to six or more years of major league service.
NHL (Lockout)The season was shortened from 84 to 82 games, a rookie salary cap was introduced, and all rookies had to sign two-way contracts. And there was much rejoicing.
NHL (Strike)The season increased from 80 to 84 games and the players received bigger playoff bonuses.
NFL (Strike)The NFLPA received 55% of gross revenues
NFL (Lockout)Work stoppage still ongoing. No word on what to call Chad Johnson during this time.
NBA (Lockout)Luxury tax was abandoned and players portions of revenues increased from 52% - 57%. And then Space Jam came out like a year later.
MLB (Strike)Sonia Sotomayor told players to get back to work and years later Cal Ripken, Jr. would make baseball relevant one last time.
MLB (Strike)There was a $500,000 increase in pension payments and arbitration was added to the CBA. And the 'jive-ball era' of baseball began.
NBA (Lockout)The league's minimum salary was raised to $287,500, a seniority based salary cap was instituted ($9-14 million), and a rookie pay scale was introduced. And Michael Jordan decided to leave the dangerous city of Chicago and move to DC.
NHL (Lockout)A salary cap (and floor) was introduced, guaranteeing 54% of league revenues and player contracts became guaranteed. The citizens of DC also finally realized they had a hockey team.

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