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English VerbSpanish Translation
50. To live
51. To scuba dive
59. To begin
62. To say; to tell
47. To receive
55. To take a walk; to stroll
57. To have lunch
60. To get; to obtain
6. To have dinner
36. To drink
53. To win
8. To answer
76. To prefer
41. To believe
67. To go
71. To ask for; to request
24. To need
45. To write
72. To think
19. To like
48. To have
12. To wish (for)
52. To ski
37. To eat
25. To practice
4. To walk
22. To carry
80. To leave
English VerbSpanish Translation
64. To find
3. To look for
1. To be
69. To show
23. To look at; to watch
79. To repeat
70. To hear
17. To study
5. To sing
56. To skate
75. To put; to place
43. To decide
2. To dance
13. To draw
42. Should, must, ought to
31. To work
16. To wait (for); to hope
78. To remember
44. To describe
83. To bring
82. To suppose
54. To swim
46. To read
20. To talk; to speak
9. To converse; to chat
65. To die
58. To close
28. To return
English VerbSpanish Translation
29. To end; to finish
21. To arrive
30. To take; to drink
14. To teach
33. To open
84. To see
34. To learn
66. To do; to make
74. To be able to; can
10.To have breakfast
49. To come
38. To share
32. To travel
68. To play
40. To run
15. To listen (to)
81. To follow; to continue
7. To buy
26. To ask (a question)
61. To count; to tell
63. To sleep
73. To lose; to miss
27. To prepare
11. To rest
35. To attend
39. To understand
77. To want; to love
18. To explain
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