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Can you name the Reflexive Verbs & VLGs in Spanish?

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Forced Order
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To bathe
To go to sleep
To brush
To like very much (VLG)
To comb one's hair
To fascinate (VLG)
To go to bed
To get up
To be left over/to fit (clothing) (VLG)
To worry
To shave
To put on makeup
To wash
To stay
To try on
To shower
To get dressed
To take off
To be called
To say goodbye
To remember
To feel
To be interesting to (VLG)
To bother/to annoy (VLG)
To be important to (VLG)
To dry
To get angry
To put on/to become
To bore (VLG)
To lack/to need (VLG)
To wake up

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