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Can you name the Potter Puppet Pals Characters/Episodes?

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charcter/episode infocharacter/episode
i hope you find your button, snape...(episode)
why does it have to be follow the spiders?(episode)
i've got a secret affliction, Harry...(episode)
it was a life-changing vision...(episode)
i'm totally awesome(episode)
dumbledore, you're obsenely old, right?(episode)
80,000,000+ views!(episode)
I feel cranky and pubescent today...(episode)
I am Snape, the Potions Master!(episode)
Hahaha! Avada Kadavra!... Shoot Him!(episode)
charcter/episode infocharacter/episode
I liked the part where he stopped moving...(episode)
i sound like a girl
i love to learn
'I'll hug you when you're not so fat!' (Ron)
I am an android... a GAY ANDROID!
Naked Time!
Oh, dear...
My grandmother doesn't...
Hahaha! Avada Kadavra!...
solves Ron's lice problem

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