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I have nothing left, and all I feel is this cruel wanting
One day, I'm gonna forget your name
Here in the darkness I know myself
If I fall, and all is lost, it's where I belong
If I only knew how to pull myself apart
You don't remember my name
Do you remember me?
I can't scream, I can't scream
You don't remember me, but I remember you
Hello, hello, remember me?
I am lost, and I can [title].
I think I finally understand what it means to be lost
The water's rising 'round us. There is no other way down.
Oceans between us, and there's nothing that can change the way I feel
I will still remember when you've long forgotten me
I will find a way, even without wings
Immobilized by my fear, and soon to be blinded by tears
Grieving the things I can't repent
Why can't you feel me calling your name?
So afraid to open your eyes
And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall
Soft, dark, and dreamless
But still you wake and know the truth--no one's there

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