Lobotomy Corporation Abnormality Quotes

Can you name the Abnormalities of Lobotomy Corporation by their selection quotes?

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'Her unbearable sorrow grew long, mournful hair over time.'
'Somewhere in the distance, you hear seagulls.'
'If you feel a sharp pain in the stomach or a tickling sensation in the neck, the only available action will be to look up at the blue sky one last time.'
'Save us now and forevermore. The truth shall set us free.'
'This bracelet does not forgive those with greed so it should be only be worn by those in need.'
'Remember this melody? The professor played this song when the students were sleepy. Happy birthday.'
'The city still remained beautiful and the emerald roads sparkled brighter than ever.'
'Have you fallen to the lowest bottom?'
'Many of those who underwent this operation have found rest and became healthy again.'
'Now, you become the sky, and I become the land.'
'The girl begged in tears. 'Mister, please cut off my feet...'
'With her hope to return to dust, It will return to grave with everything that desire to live.'
'Sir, your 'angel' is chewing a body part of our colleague.'
“One day, maybe you will know. The meaning of desperation in their faces when the roulette spins.”
'But what's really pitiful is those like you dying in the hands of the likes of me.'
'That’s not a flower, order all the employees to get away immediately.'
'Someone's persistent gaze can be felt from the keyhole inside the machine.'
'You've been pressing it for numerous times and you still have something you want to know about it?'
'The only advise that can be given is to be cautious and be aware of your surroundings.'
'In chaotic cries of fear, somebody shouted. 'It's the monster! Big terrible monster lives in the dark, black forest!''
'Rise, my servants. Rise and serve me.'
'The color of human heart is pink. By wearing the same color, we can blend into the people’s mind.'
'With my infinite hatred, I give you this gift.'
'… and my dear employees, I hope you all put on the gas masks that we distributed to you before we come in here.'
'The more blood it has, the more beautiful it is.'
'Even if this is my curse, I will love this curse as a blessing.'
“I shall cure you, depriving of every disease and injury you possess.”
'Life is only given to those who do not fear death.'
'We will meet again as stars.'
'Blood covered the floors, people were running away...'
'Tales say the moon bewitch man. But, in reality, man despairs at the moon.'
“Satisfaction is only temporary.”
'Many hands float in the bath. These are the hands of people I once loved.'
'All that remained was the hollow pride of a weathered knight.'
'I will hang his head over my bed. Only then I can fall asleep without having a nightmare.'
'If any system issue deletes the blur from the Abnormality, we will have to sincerely think of how to deal with the manager.'
'Everything will be peaceful while you are under the fairies' care.'
'And the prayer always ends with eternal despair of the worshipper.'
'I am coming to you. You, who will be reduced to ashes like me.'
'The child's tear dropped, as a star came down from the sky. The world fell into a sleep, as it was trapped in ecstatic lullaby.'
'This is a record of the day that we must never forget.'
'Good day today! Are you still shy today?'
'Be relaxed, do you not need the blessing?'
'The tree reaped from what it sowed.'
'It feeds on the evil that surfaces during conversations between people.'
'Now it's time for my head to burst. Good day.'
'The world’s most beautiful concert starts from the ruined.'
'Actually I didn't really care. I must be called Big Bad Wolf.'
'This portrait captures a moment. It is what we must lose.'
'Ices are melting... We don't know if it's because spring is coming or the palace is crumbling.'
'You turned on your electric hair clipper...'
'She was so talkative before. In the end, loneliness was the only listener.'
'This magical bullet truly can hit anyone you say!'
'It literally becomes 'The safest place on Earth.'
'Don’t look away, just keep on watching. Contain it inside your sight.'
'When the time comes, the train chugs down the tracks and sounds its mighty horn.'
'Betrayed hearts were slowly forgotten in the depths.'
'In the name of love and justice, here comes Magical Girl!'
'However, if enough sarira to make everyone watch in awe come out from you, your name will be sung through generations.'
'Please, eat my dreams.'
'You see a singing in front of your eyes. It is very splendid, and it approaches you...'
'What happens when people die?'
'Unsurprisingly, not a single employee volunteered to retrieve the corpse of their cocooned colleague.'
'What happens when the black swan wakes up from the dream of being a white swan?'
'Eventually they will lose all Prudence and even forget how to exist'
'But the curse continues, never removed.'
'It can enter any hole of your body.'
'And many skins yelled only one word. 'Manager'.'
'Its very first memory starts from a warm hug.'
'This is a forest full of hearts. No matter how many times he cuts down the hearts, the forest remains dense.'
'Sadness shall say, 'Be gone! Die!' But desire wants eternity. An immortality that can never be abolished.'
'Those who succeeded in hunt are granted with the feather that countless hunters yearned.'
'So she came up with this brilliant idea!'
'Now everything will be just fine.'
'When the day a ripe apple fell off the tree in the garden where the princess and the king stood, the witch's heart was shattered.'
'A month later we concluded, there was no such thing as the beast.'
'The smiling faces are eerie and full of sorrow.'
'The final chapter ends with a sentence, 'Born again.''
'Its scale tilted according to the sins committed.'
'Tell the kid today's is going to be grape flavored candy. It's his favorite.'
'But nothing was like a music it makes when it eats a human.'
'Excessive aspiration will result in a frenzy.'
'People have been committing sins from a long time ago. 'Why do they commit such a thing? Even when they know that it is bad?'
'However, the world has more than warmth and light.'

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