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Can you name the Team Fortress 2 Scout Quotes?

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QuoteAnswer goes hereOccurs when...
Yeah, why don't you come over and...Taunting with the Bat
You just got...Dominating an Enemy
If you order now...Getting a Revenge Kill
Is-is anyone even...Capping the Point/Intelligence
What da hell?!...Cart has Stopped (Attacking)
Let's...Match Starts
Oh, I'm...Set on Fire
I broke your...Destroying Engineer Building
Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines...Scout Outlines his Job Description
Hey, look at me, Achievement Unlocked
Drop Dead and...Dominating Soldier
Repeat after me:Dominating Pyro
QuoteAnswer goes hereOccurs when...
Depth perception, pal...Dominating Demoman a Heavy
Here's a schematic for ya:Dominating an Engineer
Ooh hoo hoo. Ya gun...Dominating a Medic
You'll never...Dominating a Sniper
Heyhey, look! You shapeshifted...Dominating a Spy
Pop quiz: How long does it take to beat a moron to death?...Getting a Crit Kill with the Bat
I'm a...Drinking BONK! Atomic Punch
Wave goodbye...Capturing the Intelligence
He's like a...Unused (describing Heavy)
Need a...Scout annoys Engineer

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