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Can you name the person who killed each of the different characters in the film Battle Royale?

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Forced Order
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Student Number
 Boy No. 1 Yoshio Akamatsu
 Boy No. 2 Keita Iijima
 Boy No. 3 Tatsumichi Oki
 Boy No. 4 Toshinori Oda
 Boy No. 5 Shougo Kawada
 Boy No. 6 Kazuo Kiriyama
 Boy No. 7 Yo$hitoki Kuninobu
 Boy No. 8 Yoji Kuramoto
 Boy No. 9 Hiroshi Kuronaga
 Boy No. 10 Ryuhei Sasagawa
 Boy No. 11 Hiroki Sugimura
 Boy No. 12 Yutaka Seto
 Boy No. 13 Yuichirou Takiguchi
 Boy No. 14 Shou Tsukioka
 Boy No. 15 Shuya Nanahara
 Boy No. 16 Kazushi Niida
 Boy No. 17 Mitsuru Numai
 Boy No. 18 Tadakatsu Hatagami
 Boy No. 19 Shinji Mimura
 Boy No. 20 Kyouichi Motobuchi
 Boy No. 21 Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Student Number
 Girl No. 1 Mizuho Inada
 Girl No. 2 Yukie Utsumi
 Girl No. 3 Megumi Etou
 Girl No. 4 Sakura Ogawa
 Girl No. 5 Izumi Kanai
 Girl No. 6 Yukiko Kitano
 Girl No. 7 Yumiko Kusaka
 Girl No. 8 Kayoko Kotohiki
 Girl No. 9 Yuko Sakaki
 Girl No. 10 Hirono Shimizu
 Girl No. 11 Mitsuko Souma
 Girl No. 12 Haruka Tanizawa
 Girl No. 13 Takako Chigusa
 Girl No. 14 Mayumi Tendou
 Girl No. 15 Noriko Nakagawa
 Girl No. 16 Yuka Nakagawa
 Girl No. 17 Satomi Noda
 Girl No. 18 Fumiyo Fujiyoshi
 Girl No. 19 Chisato Matsui
 Girl No. 20 Kaori Minami
 Girl No. 21 Yoshimi Yahagi

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