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Forced Order
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Real NameHero Name
Dick Grayson
Wally West
Donna Troy
Roy Harper
Lilith Clay
Hank Hall
Don Hall
Malcolm Duncan
John Gnaark
Duela Dent
Karen Beecher-Duncan
Garfield Logan
Rachel Roth
Vic Stone
Jason Hart
Tara Markov
Joseph Wilson
Real NameHero Name
Kole Weathers
Jason Todd
Danny Chase
Rosabelle Mendez
Leonid Kovar
Bart Allen
Miriam Delgado
Grant Emerson
Kyle Rayner
Matrix/Linda Danvers
Rose Wilson
Jarras Minion
Ray Palmer
Toni Monetti
Cody Driscoll
Isaiah Crockett
Audrey Spears
Freddy Freeman
Jesse Chambers
Tim Drake
Real NameHero Name
Cassandra Sandsmark
Kon-El/Conner Kent
Mia Dearden
Lorena Marquez
Zachary Zatara
Luke O'Brien
M'gann M'orzz/Megan Morse
Holly Granger
Dawn Granger
Unknown, Former side-kick of the second Owlman
Donald Kent
Amy Allen
'Barda Free'
Amon Tomaz
Mary Elizabeth 'Bette' Kane
Eddie Bloomberg
Kara Zor-El
Jaime Reyes
Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Christopher Freeman
Real NameHero Name
Damian Wayne
Charley Parker/Ch'al Andar
Carrie Levine
Charlie Watkins
Jon Levine
Alexander Lyons
Bobby Barnes
Hero Cruz
Courtney Mason
Miguel 'Mikey' Devante
Carla Monetti
Jade Nguyen
Slade Wilson
Mark Richards

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