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Forced Order
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Real NameHeroRecruit
Tony StarkFounders
Dr. Donald BlakeFounders
Dr. Bruce BannerFounders
Janet van DyneFounders
Dr. Hank PymFounders
Steve Rogers1960s recruits
Clint Barton1960s recruits
Pietro Maximoff1960s recruits
Wanda Maximoff1960s recruits
Jacques Duquesne1960s recruits
Harry Cleese1960s recruits
T'Challa1960s recruits
Victor Shade1960s recruits
Dane Whitman1960s recruits
Natasha Romanoff1970s recruits
Mandy Celestine1970s recruits
Dr. Hank McCoy1970s recruits
Heather Douglas1970s recruits
Patsy Walker1970s recruits
Matt Hawk1970s recruits
Simon Williams1970s recruits
Carol Danvers1970s recruits
Snap Wilson1970s recruits
Greer Nelson1980s recruits
Jennifer Walters1980s recruits
Monica Rambeau1980s recruits
Eros1980s recruits
Namor McKenzie1980s recruits
Dr. Anthony Druid1980s recruits
Barbara BartonWest Coast Avengers recruits
James 'Rhodey' RhodesWest Coast Avengers recruits
Ben GrimmWest Coast Avengers recruits
Marc SpectorWest Coast Avengers recruits
Real NameHeroRecruit
Bonita JuárezWest Coast Avengers recruits
Dennis DunphyPost-Inferno recruits
GilgameshPost-Inferno recruits
Prof. Reed RichardsPost-Inferno recruits
Susan Storm/Susan RichardsPost-Inferno recruits
John WalkerPost-Inferno recruits
Wendell VaughnPost-Inferno recruits
Jim Hammond (Android)Post-Inferno recruits
CircePost-Inferno recruits
Walter NewellPost-Inferno recruits
Peter ParkerUN Charter recruits
William BakerUN Charter recruits
Elvin HalidayUN Charter recruits
Aaron StackUN Charter recruits
Miguel SantosUN Charter recruits
Julia CarpenterUN Charter recruits
Crystal MaximoffUN Charter recruits
Eric MastersonUN Charter recruits
Christopher PowellUN Charter recruits
Vance AstrovikPost-Heroes Return recruits
Angelica JonesPost-Heroes Return recruits
Delroy GarrettPost-Heroes Return recruits
Maria SantiagoPost-Heroes Return recruits
Jack HartPost-Heroes Return recruits
Scott LangPost-Heroes Return recruits
Kelsey ShorrPost-Heroes Return recruits
Carl LucasNew Avengers recruits
James 'Logan' HowlettNew Avengers recruits
Robert ReynoldsNew Avengers recruits
Maya LopezNew Avengers recruits
John AaronPost-Civil War recruits
Amadeus ChoPost-Civil War recruits
JocastaPost-Civil War recruits
Real NameHeroRecruit
Cassandra LangPost-Civil War recruits
JonasPost-Civil War recruits
James Buchanan BarnesHeroic Age recruits
Jessica DrewHeroic Age recruits
BrunnhildeHeroic Age recruits
Eric O'GradyHeroic Age recruits
Sharon CarterHeroic Age recruits
Richard RiderHeroic Age recruits
Brian BraddockHeroic Age recruits
Daniel Rand-KaiHeroic Age recruits
Jessica JonesHeroic Age recruits
John AmanHeroic Age recruits
Stephen StrangeHeroic Age recruits
Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' RossHeroic Age recruits
Matt MurdockShattered Heroes recruits
Ororo MunroeShattered Heroes recruits
Daisy JohnsonShattered Heroes recruits
Norman OsbornDark Avengers I
Mac GarganDark Avengers I
Karla SofenDark Avengers I
LesterDark Avengers I
Daken AkihiroDark Avengers I
Noh-VarrDark Avengers I
Tomi ShishidoDark Avengers II
SkaarDark Avengers II
Dr. Deidre WentworthDark Avengers II
Barney BartonDark Avengers II
Nathaniel RichardsYoung Avengers
Teddy AltmanYoung Avengers
Eli BradleyYoung Avengers
Billy KaplanYoung Avengers
Kate BishopYoung Avengers
Tommy ShepherdYoung Avengers

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