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Forced Order
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IdentityAlter EgoTeam
Brian BraddockOriginal Team
Meggan BraddockOriginal Team
Rachel SummersOriginal Team
Kurt WagnerOriginal Team
Kitty PrydeOriginal Team
Kitty Pryde's CompanionOriginal Team
Kate RasputinOriginal Team Recruit
Colin McKayOriginal Team Recruit
CeriseOriginal Team Recruit
Scott WrightOriginal Team Recruit
FeronOriginal Team Recruit
Moira MacTaggertOriginal Team Recruit
Amanda Sefton/Jimaine SzardosOriginal Team Recruit
WarlockOriginal Team Recruit
Rahne SinclairOriginal Team Recruit
Peter WisdomOriginal Team Recruit
Piotr RasputinOriginal Team Recruit
Calvin RankinOriginal Team Recruit
Elizabeth BraddockSword of Power
Dane WhitmanSword of Power
IdentityAlter EgoTeam
Linda McQuillanSword of Power
Bran BraddockSword of Power
Sir Benedict EnglandeSword of Power
Magnus EisenhardtGenoshan Excalibur
Charles XavierGenoshan Excalibur
Leader of the Morlocks?Genoshan Excalibur
Henry Philip McCoy (Earth-295)Genoshan Excalibur
Ability to transform into a variety of monstrous forms with unique abilities?Genoshan Excalibur
Karima ShapandarGenoshan Excalibur
Shola InkoseGenoshan Excalibur
Ability to summon ghosts?Genoshan Excalibur
Alison BlaireNew Excalibur
TessaNew Excalibur
Cain MarkoNew Excalibur
Talia WagnerNew Excalibur
Mojoverse slaveNew Excalibur
Alysande StuartAllies
Alistaire StuartAllies
Rory CampbellAllies
Kelsey KirklandAllies

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