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englishgerman answerrules for 'es'
it is rainingweather expressions
It is lightning
It is thundering
It is freezing
It is hailing
It is snowing
englishgerman answerrules for 'es'
It is storming
It is six o'clocktime expressions
Someone is knocking at at the dooractivities without any specific agent
Something is burning/ there is a fire
There is a draft
How are you?'impersonal expressions' in which 'it' is the subject of the German phrase, but not of its English equivalent
englishgerman answerrules for 'es'
I am fine
I succeed
I am sorry
I am missing/lacking (dative)...
I am hotexpressing sensations and feelings
I am cold
englishgerman answerrules for 'es'
I am dizzy
He became/began to feel nauseated/ill
There are three families living in this houseintroduce a sentence in which the true subject follows. The verb agrees with this subject, not 'es.' Is for lit
There came a letter
The general existence of somethinggibt vs. ist
permanent existence in a specific place
englishgerman answerrules for 'es'
general consequences
the subject
denotes the presence of things or people in a specific place rather than in general
Only used in main clauses
It pleases me that...anticipate what will follow in a subsequent clause
It pleases me that... (with it after verb)
englishgerman answerrules for 'es'
what something is aboutForms of verbs
what something is about
expresses the idea that a book, poem, play, movie, etc. is about something

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