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Can you name the German verbs with their correct prepositions?

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English verb and prepositionGerman verb and prepositioncase
to think ofAkkusativ
to remind someone ofAkkusativ
to rememberAkkusativ *reflexive
to get accustomed toAkkusativ *reflexive
to believe inAkkusativ
to border onAkkusativ
to direct (a comment) toAkkusativ *reflexive
to turn/appeal toAkkusativ *reflexive
to work on/atDativ
to recognize someone byDativ
to delight inDativ *reflexive
to hinder/prevent someone from dong somethingDativ
to suffer fromDativ
to die of/fromDativ
to agree toAkkusativ
to get/fall intoAkkusativ
to fall in love withAkkusativ *reflexive
to delve into, become engrossed withAkkusativ *reflexive
to err, be mistaken in/aboutDativ *reflexive
to be mistaken aboutDativ *reflexive
to pay heed toAkkusativ
English verb and prepositionGerman verb and prepositioncase
to answer/respond toAkkusativ
to keep an eye on, watch out forAkkusativ
to limit oneself toAkkusativ *reflexive
to refer toAkkusativ *reflexive
to glance atAkkusativ
to look forward toAkkusativ *reflexive
to refer someone toAkkusativ
to hope forAkkusativ
to listen to, heedAkkusativ
to concentrate onAkkusativ *reflexive
to react toAkkusativ
to shoot atAkkusativ
to drink toAkkusativ
to rely uponAkkusativ *reflexive
to trust inAkkusativ
to forgo, renounceAkkusativ
to wait forAkkusativ
to point to/atAkkusativ
to be based uponDativ
to insist uponDativ

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