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Forced Order
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RELIGION: holiday celebrating the exodus from Israel
LITERATURE: poet of 'O Captain! My Captain!'
SCIENCE: organelle powerhouse of the cell
MYTHOLOGY: slain by Achilles
SCIENCE: rotational analogue of force
TRASH: rapper from the 8 Mile district of Detroit
SCIENCE: element with allotropes diamond and graphite
ART: painting advertising 5 cent Phillies cigars
GEOGRAPHY: mountain range in Northern Africa
LITERATURE: written by Geoffrey Chaucer
SCIENCE: Fluorine has a value of 4.0 for it
ART: painter of The Night Cafe
HISTORY: Massachusetts farmer rebellion in response to taxation
PHILOSOPHY: he wrote 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'
HISTORY: nation that lost to Peter the Great at Poltava
MUSIC: composer of the Moonlight Sonata
HISTORY: greatest victory was Austerlitz, lost at Leipzig and Waterloo
LITERATURE: wrote about Pip in Great Expectations
LITERATURE: author of My Antonia
HISTORY: married Jane Seymour

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