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Can you name the American Space Programs?

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named after the spaceship in the popular TV show Star Trek
First U.S. manned spaceflight since the 1975 Apollo-soyuz docking
Spaceship that had two different flights which includes Sally Ride, first american woman in space then first African American, Guion Bluford
Reagan directs NASA to start working on a space station, the project named _______ would fulfill the U.S. goal to have a space transportation system in orbit
First American spaceship that brought non-professional astronaut to space
spaceship thta explodes and killed six astronauts and one school teacher, Christa McAuliffe
Hubble Space Telescope is carried into Orbit in this spaceship
this spaceship is the replacement for Challenger
Space shuttle docks at a space station named _______
which spaceship breaks apart as it glides through the atmosphere for landing, killing all seven astronauts aboard
this shuttle is scheduled to launch on the 135th and final flight in the 30 years old program.

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