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Can you name the PLL - Who said it?? (Season 1A)

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Honey, I don't think you're my property, but I'm your mother. What kind of a mother would I be if I let you run around looking like a goth?
Great. Can you be Lucas over there?
Cause if A knows, I'm thinking B and C and everybody else does too.
Popular in life and death.
Oh no, I would advice you to back off because anything that they've said to you is inadmissible in the courtroom, period.
Notice how much we keep saying 'sorry' to each other.
I'm fascinated by dentistry, aren't you? Plaque, cavities, fake looking veneers.
Are you ok? It's a dumb question, of course you're not ok.
Melissa likes to play the game when she's fairly certain she'll win.
Well, maybe you used your powers for good but, Alison was just straight up evil.
I loved her as more than a friend.
Your mom may be hot Hanna, but she's not hot enough to make that go away.
You two deserve each other, I thought I was pathetic.
I made a mistake and I'll be sorry for it for the rest of my life.
God, this is still Alison's movie and we're just filling up the screen.
Haven't you guys ever thought about how deliciously tragic it would be to die in some incredibly mysterious way?
I mean, aren't you always gonna be the friend of that girl who was murdered?
Try to remember Alison as the beautiful girl you knew.
Look, I like the girl you used to be, just like I like the girl you are now.
Wow, it's so quiet, you guys used to be the fun table. What happened to you girls?

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