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QUIZ: Can you name the actors who played IMF agents?

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Dan BriggsMission: Impossible (1966-67)
Cinnamon CarterMission: Impossible (1966-69)
Rollin HandMission: Impossible (1966-73)
Barney CollierMission: Impossible (1966-73; 1988; 1989)
Willy ArmitageMission: Impossible (1966-73)
Jim Phelps (TV)Mission: Impossible (1967-73; 1988-90)
(The Great) ParisMission: Impossible (1969-71)
TraceyMission: Impossible (1969-70)
Dana LambertMission: Impossible (1970-71)
Doug Robert (or Dr. Lang)Mission: Impossible (1970-71)
(Lisa) CaseyMission: Impossible (1971-73; 1989)
Mimi DavisMission: Impossible (1972)
Nicholas BlackMission: Impossible (1988-90)
Max HarteMission: Impossible (1988-90)
Grant CollierMission: Impossible (1988-90)
Casey RandallMission: Impossible (1988-89)
Shannon ReedMission: Impossible (1989-90)
Ethan Hunt'Mission: Impossible' (1996); ''Mission: Impossible II'' (2000); ''Mission: Impossible III'' (2006); ''Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'' (2011)
Jim Phelps (movie)'Mission: Impossible' (1996)
Claire Phelps'Mission: Impossible' (1996)
Sarah Davies'Mission: Impossible' (1996)
Hannah Williams'Mission: Impossible' (1996)
Jack Harmon'Mission: Impossible' (1996)
Luther Stickell'Mission: Impossible' (1996); ''Mission: Impossible II'' (2000); ''Mission: Impossible III'' (2006)
Franz Krieger'Mission: Impossible' (1996)
Nyah Nordhoff-Hall'Mission: Impossible II' (2000)
Billy Baird'Mission: Impossible II' (2000)
Declan Gormley'Mission: Impossible III' (2006)
Zhen Lei'Mission: Impossible III' (2006)
Lindsey Farris'Mission: Impossible III' (2006)
Benji Dunn'Mission: Impossible III' (2006); ''Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'' (2011)
Jane Carter'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' (2011)
Trevor Hanaway'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' (2011)
William Brandt'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' (2011)

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