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QUIZ: Can you name the 'Sentenced' to Obscurity: Countries 2?

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There seems to be a frantic, up to antics, sniper under the diningroom table, waiting for victory or fictitious victims, lucky for us he is only four years of age.
'Turn on the Hi-Fi! Jimi Hendrix is live on BBC One, pronto!', Albert euphorically screamed towards Gerard, his butler.
A waitress pleasantly asked customers gently whether he or she wanted a delicious and nutritious pre-packed lunch to go or not. But adorable Ryan only wanted a smile.
In the twentieth century, the IRA, a quasi terrorist organisation wreaked havoc in many Irish and British cities. Nowadays, however, it really is a lot calmer. Even on Sundays.
Well hello there, count Monte Cristo! It all seems to be going very well with you, wine, palace, a beautiful wife, a lot of staff and an impressive collection of Nintendo games.
In the new Canadian hit comedy ‘Manny the Mounty’, Marge and Tina wanted a famous sidekick to Co-star. Icarus Fly, an upcoming rapper from Toronto agreed to play Wacky Willy.
“Do you know that Cypress Hill song?” Billy Ray asks Miley. “Oh man, it’s the best!” But what’s on your head? That’s the weirdest cap ever designed by man!
The linguistic questions were all answered by a martini drinking Momma: Lawine is the German equivalent of the English word avalanche.
So, Utha, Fri casually asked, is actually spelt Utah? Yes my foolish pupil, her erudite professor responded in his typical monotomous voice.
After deduction of state and federal taxes, Trixie-Jean Summers estimated that Net, her lands were worth approximately zilch.
Dr. Winston advised the elderly lady Jefferson, who had been rheumatic for decades, to visit the world famous spa in Geneva.

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