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Can you name the Super Smash Bros characters, based on a description of how Kirby looks after stealing their ability?

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Forced Order
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Red Helmet, Green Visor
Character's Yellow Head, Zig-Zagged Tail
Backwards Red Baseball Cap
Fleshy Horns, Fleshy Tail
Headband, Blue Hair Sticking Straight Up
Headband, Goatee
Character's Blue Head, Spiky Blue Hair at the Back
Purple Headdress with Gold Emblem
Animal Ears, Head Set
Dark Blue Hair, Long in Front
Horns, Red Hair, Red Eyebrows
Laurel Wreath, Wings at the Back
Exactly the Same
Dark Green Pointed Hat
Shell for a Hat, Tail at the Back
Crown, Red Hair, Mutton Chops
Green Hat
Spiky Red Hair
Red Hat
Bulbous Pink Nose, Antenna
Silver Mask, Green Eyes
Character's Red Head, Red-and-Green Wings at the Back
Red Hat with White Pom-Pom
Red Nintendo Baseball Cap
Pink Bob of... Something Hanging over the Eyes
Racing Helmet, Goggles
Headband with Reflector
Pointed Ears, Blue Eyepiece over Left Eye
Yellow Hair with Upsweep at the Front
Character's Green Head and Tongue
Yellow Hat, Goggles, Unbuttoned Chin Strap
Furry, Brown
Reddened Eyes, Beak, Blue Feathers atop Head
Character's Blue Head
Blonde Ponytail
Black Body, White Eyes
Character's Green Head, Flower Bulb on Top
Character's Yellow Head, -Small- Zig-Zagged Tail
Light Green Pointed Hat
Goggles, Red Button atop Head

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