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Can you name the Components of Day of the Tentacle?

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Use two of these two push the fat man off his bedBernard
Use on Ed's stamp album to get one of his stampsBernard
Give to Red to become his assistantHoagie
Give to Ned to make the twins switch placesHoagie
Use on the kumquat tree to convince George to cut it downHoagie
Use to put the horse to sleep and take his denturesHoagie
Give to Fred to put him in his zombie stateBernard
Give to Red to make the battery (any of the three)Hoagie
Give to Betsy Ross to create Laverne's disguiseHoagie
Put into the time capsule to create vinegarHoagie
Give to the mummy to win Best HairLaverne
Give to the mummy to win Best LaughLaverne
Give to the mummy to win Best SmileLaverne
Use to beat Oozo the Clown once and for allBernard
Use to get Harold kicked out of the beauty contestLaverne
Give to George Washington to convince Jefferson to build a fireHoagie
Use to store the hamster until the futureBernard
Use to defrost the hamster in the futureLaverne
Find in the future when the flier is put into the suggestion boxHoagie/Laverne
Use to get the prisoners out of the kennelLaverne
Give to Benjamin Franklin for him to use as a kiteHoagie
Use to power the Chron-O-John in the presentBernard
Use to power the Chron-O-John in the pastHoagie
Use to power the Chron-O-John in the futureLaverne
Get it signed and put it in the mailbox to make Fred richBernard/Hoagie
Use in the attic to make Ted look more like FredBernard
Use to get the coffee into unconscious Fred's mouthBernard
Use to get the gum-covered dime off the floorBernard
Use to get quarters out of the vending machineBernard
Use to store the sweater until the futureBernard
Use to clear away the purple tentacles guarding the machineAll 3
Eventually turn off to save the worldN/A

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