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Can you name the US city by the movie title it is in*?

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Movie TitleCityYear Released
* ___________ (Starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington)1993
____________ (Starring James Franco and Macka Foley)2006
________________ Cop1984
Meet Me in __________1944
___________ Autumn1964
North ________ Forty1979
___________ Kid1965
Sleepless in __________1993
The ________ Strangler1968
Battle: _________2011
Mr. Smith Goes to ___________1939
Movie TitleCityYear Released
* _____________ (Starring Brooks Mason)1939
________ Rock City1999
Leaving ____________1995
* _________ (Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger)2002
The _________ Bullet1980
Things to Do in _________ When You Are Dead1995
* _____________ (Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Miranda Richardson)1996
* ______________, _______________ ( Liza Minnelli & Robert De Niro)1977
* _____________ (Starring Keith Carradine & Karen Black)1975
________ Vice2006

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