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Forced Order
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What District does the victory tour start in?
How many siblings does Rue have?Write it out in letters
Who volunteers in place of Annie?
What hunger games did haymitch win?
Who was his fellow female tribute from district 12?
What district is Finnick from?Write out in full letters
What district is Johanna from?
What is finnick's signature weapon?
What is Johanna's signature weapon?
What is Beetee's signature weapon?
What food does Finnick offer katniss when he first meets her?
What does haymitch give Finnick to show katniss to trust him?
Whose picture does peeta have in his gold locket?
Who does Finnick kill at the cornucopia?
Who brings peeta back to life?
What does peeta say that shocks everyone at his interview?
How does mags die?
How does blight die?
What relation are gloss and cashmere?
How does wiress die?
What political figure does katniss hang in training?
What does peeta do in his training session?
How Long does it take?
What score do both katniss and peeta get?
Who sacrifices their life for peeta when he was being attacked by the monkeys?
Which former peacekeeper is now an avox?
Who was the old district 12 head peacekeeper?
Who replaced him?
What animal would cray pay good money for?
What's the name of the one- armed woman who sells liquor?
How many wedding dresses did katniss have to try on?Please write out in letters
Who is the new head game keeper?
What is katniss's favourite Capitol dish?
What does snow's breath smell like?
What colour are the monkeys mutts?
What shape was the arena?
What happened at midnight and midday in the arena?
How did enobaria kill her victim?Hint- this made her famous in the capitol
Who got rescued at the end by the rebellion?
Which district was bombed in an epic twist?

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