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Forced Order
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What is the name of the country where the characters live?
Who is the President of this country?
The name of the main character?
Her best friend/ hunting partner?
The name of her little sister?
The name of her younger sisters goat?
What area of panem does the main character live in?
What's gale's speciality in term of hunting?
What's katniss's chosen weapon?
Who calls the names at the reaping?
What does katniss wear to the reaping?
What is the name of the food that katniss takes from the peacekeepers in return for her entering her name more times?
How many times was katniss's name entered?
How many times was gale entered?
What's the name of gale's youngest sister?
How did both gale's and katniss's dad's die?
What happens to haymitch during the reaping?
Who is the other male tribute from district 12?
What profession is his family?
What bit in the family business does he do?
Who is peeta's stylist?
Who is katniss's stylist?
Katniss's prep team:
Katniss nickname at the games?
Katniss and peeta's collective nicknames?
Who distracts katniss in the last minute and stops her from running to the cornucopia?
What does she grab instead?
What is on her good luck pin?
Who gave her her good luck pin?
What are the names of the Capitol altered bees?
Who gets killed by these bees?
What weapon did katniss retrieve of the victims?
Who then becomes katniss's ally?
What district was she from?
What was the job of this district?
Which tribute had been stealing from the careers food supply?
Who killed rue?
Using what weapon?
In anger of this kill where did katniss shoot the killer?
In respect to katniss for looking after rue what did rue's district send katniss?
Who sliced peeta's leg open?
What did haymitch send katniss with the message: you call that a kiss?
Then what does he send her so she can go get his medicine?
What does she disguise it as?
At the the cornucopia who is the first to grab their bag?
Who tries to kill katniss at the cornucopia feast?
Who saves/ spares her?
What injury does katniss obtain from clove?
What hot meal do her sponsors send katniss?
What are the poisinous berries called?
Who eats them and dies?
Where do the game makers drive peeta and katniss in order for the final fight?
What beasts are there?
What do these beasts resemble?
How does cato die?
What does katniss threaten to do when they change the rules back to only one winner again?
What colour is katniss's dress for the final interview?
Which of katniss's ear is broken by the explosion and then fixed by the Capitol?
What did the Capitol do to peeta's leg?

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