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In I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you what is the name of Cammies boyfriend?First name only
What is the name of the terrorist group who are after Cammie
What does joe Solomon tell cammie to do before he jumps of the bridge?
The name of Cammies aunt?
The name of Cammies mum?
The name of Cammies dad?
The girl who's always trying to get a scoop?
In out of sight out of time where does Cammie wake up right at the very start after being unconscious for the summer?
Zach's school?
The name of the founder of the Gallagher academy?
What relation is the leader of the circle of cavan to zach
The first English girl EVER at Gallagher academy
The smart one ( and I mean SMART)
The expert in boys and make-up
Who did Macy's dad run with?
Why did macy get into Gallagher academy?Tapestry with family in the woods
Which roommates parents are spies?
Who saves Macy's life?
Who is Gallagher academy's first and last full time male student
When townsend takes them out for practice in the field where does he take them?
Who does she meet there?
Where does covert operations take part?

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