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What faction does Beatrice prior start in?
What's her brothers name?
What are her 2 neighbours names?
Who takes her test? ( the dauntless adult)
What test result does she get?
What colour clothes is she forced to wear?
Erudite is for?The meaning of the factions: the types of people
Dauntless is for?
Abnegation is for?
Candor is for?
Amity is for?
Which faction runs the government?
Which faction guards the city?
What faction does Caleb transfer to?
What faction does Beatrice transfer to?
What does Beatrice change her name to?
What is Beatrice first to do?
What faction is Christina from?
What faction is Peter from?
What faction is will from?
What is their trainers KNOWN ( not real) name?
What does be throw at al/ tris?
Whose the one above four ( leader) ?
Where do fours team hide their flag?
Who the other teams flag from fours team?
What position is tris after round 1?
What position is tris after round 2?
What are fours four fears? 1st= In the correct order
Why does he have his second fear?
What faction is four originally from?
Whats his real name?
Whose his father?What's his name?
How many fears does tris have?
Whose the dauntless born initiates trainer?
Name the 3 dauntless born initiates that tris hangs round with?
What is tris's fear that got the judges laughing?
How many fears does the average initiate have?
What's the final test?
What position does tris come after the final round?
Which two factions join together in war?
Which main character does tris kill?
What faction are they against?
Where does tris get shot?
What members of tris's family die?
What's the name of the sequel?

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