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QUIZ: Can you name the Answer the Anubis questions?

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Who's the osirion?
Who does Patricia share a room with?
Whos the timepiece?
Who shares a birthday with nina?
What instrument does Fabian play?
The cup that ends season 1
She works for rufus and betrays victor
Old housemother
What does Amber's mug say?
Whats Patricia's twin called?
Who thinks he's in love with Patricia's twin?
What's inside the ring that victor was given via nina by his father?
Jerome's mums name
The name of the ancient board game?
The place where the majority of house of Anubis is filmed
The book of .......
Finish the riddle 'lift the wings to find the ......'
Finish the riddle 'hidden in this book of old ....... ... .... And tears if gold'
Victors stuffed raven
Which people are blinded by the tunnel
Where do the sibuna gang originally find the amulets?
Who ran over the dolls house?

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