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'We try to stay humble...'
'Girls love a man in...'
how do tigers like their food because its more entertaining?
Since 'dad' is not an elected position, what is the only hope for change?
What is a chasmasaurs' worst nightmare?
When Calvin transmogrifies into an elephant who does he tell susie he and Hobbes look like?
Where does Calvin go when he gets lost at the zoo?
How do you change the direction of a time machine?
If you are on a Yukon expidition what makes you the leader?
What do Calvin and Susie have to do a report together on?
What happens when Hobbes' team gains a yard in football? (Direct Quote)
Name one thing Hobbes finds attractive in women
'Tigers are nimble and quick on their toes...'
'How much is that tiger in the window? The one who does nothing but sleep. We'll spread him out flat in the rec room...
'What's the point in wearing your______ if no one asks to seem them?'
What is a guarenteed way to get an A on a report?
What part of his propeller beanie did Calvin break?
What does Hobbes know will sink a battleship?

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