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Forced Order
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EventPresident in Office During EventList of Presidents
Packers win the first Super BowlJohn Adams
Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'James Buchanan
Morris Michtom invents the teddy bearJimmy Carter
America suffers record unemployment during Panic of 1837Grover Cleveland
Florida gains statehoodBill Clinton
Darwin publishes his 'Origin of Species'Calvin Coolidge
Edison invents practical electric lightMillard Fillmore
Spanish-American War beginsUlysses Grant
Henry Ford sells 10,000 automobiles for the first timeBenjamin Harrison
Frances Scott Key writes lyrics to 'Star-Spangled Banner'Rutherford Hayes
'Star-Spangled Banner' is adopted as U.S. national anthemHerbert Hoover
The Whiskey Rebellion takes placeAndrew Jackson
Florence Nightingale nurses wounded in Crimean WarThomas Jefferson
Dow Jones closes above 4000 for first timeLyndon Johnson
King delivers his 'I Have a Dream' speechJohn Kennedy
Weather Channel airs for first timeAbraham Lincoln
Eiffel Tower builtJames Madison
Lindbergh makes first solo, nonstop transatlantic flightWilliam McKinley
Neil Armstrong walks on the moonRichard Nixon
'Star Wars' opensFranklin Pierce
United Nations is establishedJames Polk
Napoleon conquers ItalyRonald Reagan
Battle of Antietam takes placeTheodore Roosevelt
U.S. enters World War IWilliam Taft
Louisiana Purchase occursZachary Taylor
Stanley meets Livingstone in AfricaHarry Truman
Harriet Tubman joins the Underground RailroadJohn Tyler
U.S. Department of Interior establishedMartin Van Buren
Statue of Liberty is dedicatedGeorge Washington
Victoria becomes queen of Great BritainWoodrow Wilson

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