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QUIZ: Can you name the Lego Marvel Super Heroes characters

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'I got some IRON ore, MAN!'
'____ SMASH!'
'Web Head'
'Stretchy Pants'
'Stars and Stripes'
She's not a widow...is she?
Marvel's Legolas
Most popular X-Man
He's a hothead
The God of thunder
One eyed guy
Premature X-Men
Isn't Thor already the God of weather?
Blue werewolf
Human Torch does not like this guy
She's Black Widow but with super powers
'Boulder Boy'
Leader of SHIELD
SHIELD's secretary
The first villain you fight in the game
Guy with mace
Doctor Doom's minions
Partners with Mandarin
One of the original Avengers
Flying X-Men
Second in command of HYDRA
Spider Man's Aunt
Marvel's Killer Moth
He screams to attack
Marvel's Cat Woman
The only Black super hero
Black, but not a super hero
Performs a fart streak
A Legolas with cards instead of arrows
British super hero
Red Venom
Big X-Men
A dinosaur that's alive
They control damage
Blind but not blind
'The Merc with a Mouth'
The Destroyer's son
Main villain
He looks more like a spider
Trapped by Dormammu
Doctor Doom's security
Doombot on drugs
Bad Ghost Rider
'The Draxxophonist'
Has an electric hoverboard
Daredevil's love
Only character that is invincible
Doesn't have hat like in the picture
'Devourer of Worlds'
A White Jamaican
Looks like Poison Ivy from DC
Good Dormammu
Is a lady for some reason
Green Goblin on drugs
Only says three words
Some lady
Looks like a bad guy but is a X-Men
Protector of many worlds
Fantastic 4's robot
'The quack fu kid'
Red Skull's minions
He's Iron Man's fist
Iron Man's Hulk
Throws newspapers
The big X-Men villain
Big rich villain
Kingpin's minions
Least known of the Sinister Six
Born from toxic waste
Frost Giant king
Looks like Frankenstein
The Statue of _______
Thor's evil brother
He has a magnetic personality
Magneto's minions
An evil elf
Named after a fruit
Spider Man's love
The evil Jean Grey
Wants to destroy mutants
Kind of looks like Gizmo from DC
Last person I'd expect to be in this game
Super hero named after Marvel
'Goldfish Bowl'
'Blue Girl'
Looks like Marshal Lee from Fionna and Cake Adventure Time
He was created by a Super Nova
Lady Iron Man
Lady Magneto
Black Hulk, but he's normal sized
Leader of X-Men
Has power sword
Likes Eco friendly cars
Arch enemy of Iceman
'When HULK gets angry he gets RED'
Nazi and enemy of Captain America
Only big character based off a real animal
The British garbage searcher
He is not part of the 47 Ronin
I think he's a guard for a gas station?
Yellowed hair werewolf
Marvel's Clayface
Sandman's minion
Like Power Man but a girl
Mystique can turn into one of these on the Helicarrier
'Quite SHOCKing, right?'
The Silver Surfer in Japan
He rides the cosmic waves
Wants to be Spider Man but can't spin webs
Best power ever-throwing squirrels
Creator of Marvel
Leader of The Protectors of the Galaxy
Spider Man got smarter
Looks like a young Yoda
Venom's minions
Venom's minions but stronger
Looks like the evil Moon Knight
Likes hopping
With Captain Britain
Black Spider Man
The lady villain in HYDRA
Bird nests are his weakness
Black Iron Man
Iron Man mixed with Captain America
Turns small when flying
He gives people his name
Leader of the Frightful Four

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