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Can you name the Simpsons trivia known only to true fans??

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What is the name of Homer's helper monkey?
What kind of flower is on the hood of Moe's car?
What video game console does Ralph call Principal Skinner's boss?
What is Homer's middle name?
When Bart becomes a scout, who does Homer steal a swiss army knife from?
How many greyhounds does Santa's Little Helper sire?
How much money do Bart and Milhouse find to fund their Squishee bender?
What politician stole the word for twenty?
How many members of the Flying Hellfish were there?
What band gets into Peter Frampton's cooler?
How many alarms does Homer rate Ned's chili as?
Whose hair causes Mother Simpson to rebel and join the hippie movement?
When Homer joins the Naval Reserve, what is the name of the ship full of penguins that confronts him?
What was Grandpa Simpson's rank in WWII?
What is the name of the first alcoholic drink Ned Flanders has in Las Vegas?
Before he died, this man was Springfield's oldest resident.
What was the last thing Ned Flanders said to Maude before she died?
What is the name of the alligator Homer runs over with an airboat?
He was so gay, but he couldn't tell anyone.
What falls out of the International Space Station to land on Homer's car?
What company makes the trucking industry's autodrive system?
What is the name of Luanne Van Houten's new gladiator boyfriend?
How many boobs did Homer see while on Spring Break?
What causes turbulence as the Simpsons are flying back from Japan?
What does Sideshow Bob use to write threatening letters to Bart?
To defeat the curse of the spider and escape the nuclear plant, Homer must quote this book.
The republican administration in Springfield declares what act a felony?
Marge doesn't have to sue this man to get his pants off.
What vegetable does Lisa say she's going to marry?
What do they give Malibu Stacey to outsell the Lisa Lionheart doll?
What poet is buried where Homer thought his mom was?
What snack's jingle does Homer's mom use to sing him to sleep?
What video game does Bart steal from the Try-N-Save?
Who narrates the audiobook “Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American”?
What investigative journalism show does Homer go on after being accused of being a sexual deviant?
What is the radio call sign of the Springfield talk radio station?
What is the brand name of the Simpson's tv?
Who does Bart get to perform at his treehouse casino?
What is the name of Mayor Quimby's French-hating nephew?
What are Nelson and Martin's answer to the riddle, “What has four legs and ticks?”
What does Chief Wiggum mistake the MENSA members for?
More testicles mean more _____
What brand of paper towels does Marge buy in bulk?
In the opening scene, what does the cash register read when Maggie is scanned?
What item does Homer use to perform chiropractic medicine?
What movie does Homer watch when sequestered on jury duty?
When Homer's jaws are wired shut, what does he say that Marge can't understand?
At the Republican headquarters, what book does Bob Dole read from?
What city are the REAL Hell's Satans from?
What do Kang and Kodos spray Homer with so no one will believe his story?
What animal gives Homer night terrors?
How many people does the ad for the Canyonero claim it can seat?
“You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a ______?”
What planet are Kang and Kodos from?
What drink does Bart make when working for Fat Tony?
When Homer and Ned go to Las Vegas, what is the name of the hotel they stay at?
What is the name of the judge that replaces Roy Snieder when he goes on vacation?
What kills Red Barclay, according to Dr. Hibbert?
“We'll get back our lemon tree, or ___________ with our dead!”
Whose eyeglasses does Homer find in the toilet at work?
When Homer goes on the Gong Show, he gets more gongs than what?
What does Smithers put on Mr. Burns' head that almost drowns him in the bathtub?
What 70s tv celebrity does Marge Simpson have recurring fantasies about?
What is the theme song of the Stingie and Battery Show?
What rating does Homer get on Moe's breathalyzer?
What state university's spankalogical protocol suppressed Ned Flander's juvenile aggression?
Homer once declared himself Prime Minister of what country?
What animal does Lenny say Homer eats like?
“If the ________ can't have Bart's soul, no one can!”
How many slices of American cheese does Homer stay up all night eating?

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