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This city served as Washington D.C.'s major slave port.A
This governor served from 1926 to 1930 and led the commonwealth Democratic Party. His 'machine' dominated Virginia politics into the 1960s.B
This man served as President of the Governor's Council and was among the richest men in colonial Virginia.C
This eugenicist established the Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded in Staunton. He was an advocate of sterilization of those deemed 'defective.'D
Robert E. Lee ordered this general to take Cemetery Hill at the Battle of Gettysburg. He refused to do so, and his career suffered.E
A Confederate force under Robert E. Lee. defeated Ambrose Burnside at this town, a battle later described as a 'bloodbath.'F
Lord Dunmore ordered this substance out of a battery early during the Revolution. Patrick Henry ordered it returned.G
This governor was the first Republican elected since 1869 after the fall of the Byrd machine.H
This Midwestern state was settled by Virginians and retains their conservative politics to this day.I
This Confederate General defended Richmond against McClellan during the Peninsular Campaign.J
The counties that split from Virginia during the civil war were briefly called this name, after a river.K
Virginia Military Institute was established in 1839 in this city.L
This estate is where Thomas Jefferson lived in Albemarle County.M
This signatory of the Declaration of Independence served as governor after Thomas Jefferson. Cornwallis used his home as a base during the battle of Yorktown.N
James Madison's plantation estate, Montpelier, is in this county.O
Some of the worst of Massive Resistance occurred in this county, where public schools were shut down for five years to resist integrationP
Fluvanna County is name for an individual bearing this titleQ
This political party seized the government in the 1880s on a platform of breaking the power of the political elite; it had attracted both blacks and whites.R
This individual served as the leader of the Jamestown colony and explored the Chesapeake Bay.S
This slave led an insurrection in Southampton County in 1831.T
This lawyer from Lancaster County later served as Secretary of the Navy. He was killed in the USS Princeton explosion.U
This woman operated a Union spy ring in Richmond during the Civil War.V
This city served as the capital of Virginia after the Jamestown fire until the capital was moved to Richmond during the Revolutionary War.W
A ceremonial plant for this holiday was the first of its kind in the United StatesX
A battle in this town served to win the Revolutionary War for the Patriots.Y
This individual from modern-day West Virginia voted to ratify the Constitution. He founded a town and a namesake road in Ohio.Z

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