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Can you name the main weapon of choice for each Tales character?

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Cress AlbaneTales of Phantasia
Mint AdenadeTales of Phantasia
Chester BurklightTales of Phantasia
Arche KleinTales of Phantasia
Claus F. LesterTales of Phantasia
Suzu FujibayashiTales of Phantasia
Stahn AileronTales of Destiny
Rutee KatreaTales of Destiny
Lion MagnusTales of Destiny
Woodrow KelvinTales of Destiny
Philia FeliceTales of Destiny
Mary ArgentTales of Destiny
Chelsea TornTales of Destiny
Mighty KongmanTales of Destiny
Karyl SheedenTales of Destiny
Lilith AileronTales of Destiny
Reid HershelTales of Eternia
Farah OerstedTales of Eternia
Keele ZeibelTales of Eternia
MeredyTales of Eternia
ChatTales of Eternia
MaxTales of Eternia
Rassius LuineTales of Eternia
Kyle DunamisTales of Destiny 2
Loni DunamisTales of Destiny 2
RealaTales of Destiny 2
JudasTales of Destiny 2
Nanaly FletchTales of Destiny 2
Harold BelseriusTales of Destiny 2
Lloyd IrvingTales of Symphonia
Colette BrunelTales of Symphonia
Genis SageTales of Symphonia
Raine SageTales of Symphonia
Kratos AurionTales of Symphonia
Sheena FujibayashiTales of Symphonia
Zelos WilderTales of Symphonia
Presea CombatirTales of Symphonia
Regal BryantTales of Symphonia
Veigue LungbergTales of Rebirth
MaoTales of Rebirth
Eugene GallardoTales of Rebirth
Annie BarrsTales of Rebirth
Tytree CroweTales of Rebirth
Hilda RhamblingTales of Rebirth
Senel CoolidgeTales of Legendia
Shirley FennesTales of Legendia
Will ReynardTales of Legendia
Chloe ValensTales of Legendia
Norma BeattyTales of Legendia
Moses SandorTales of Legendia
JayTales of Legendia
GruneTales of Legendia
Luke fon FabreTales of the Abyss
Tear GrantsTales of the Abyss
Guy CecilTales of the Abyss
Jade CurtissTales of the Abyss
Anise TatlinTales of the Abyss
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca LanvaldearTales of the Abyss
Asch the BloodyTales of the Abyss
Caius QuallsTales of the Tempest
Rubia NatwickTales of the Tempest
Tilkis BaroneTales of the Tempest
Forest LedoyenTales of the Tempest
Arria EkbergTales of the Tempest
Ruca MildaTales of Innocence
Iria AnimiTales of Innocence
Spada BelformaTales of Innocence
Ange SerenaTales of Innocence
Ricardo SoldatoTales of Innocence
Hermana LarmoTales of Innocence
Emil CastagnierTales of Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk
Marta LualdiTales of Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk
Richter AbendTales of Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk
Yuri LowellTales of Vesperia
Estellise Sidos HeurasseinTales of Vesperia
RepedeTales of Vesperia
Karol CapelTales of Vesperia
Rita MordioTales of Vesperia
JudithTales of Vesperia
RavenTales of Vesperia
Flynn ScifoTales of Vesperia
Patty FleurTales of Vesperia
Shing MeteoryteTales of Hearts
Kohak HeartsTales of Hearts
Hisui HeartsTales of Hearts
Innes LorenzTales of Hearts
Beryl BenitoTales of Hearts
KunziteTales of Hearts
Asbel LhantTales of Graces
SophieTales of Graces
Hubert OzwellTales of Graces
Cheria BarnesTales of Graces
PascalTales of Graces
Malik CaesarsTales of Graces
RichardTales of Graces
Kanonno EarhartTales of the World: Radiant Mythology

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