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Can you name the Origins of the Universe, the Earth, the Oceans, and Life?

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The powerful telescope that is orbiting Earth; used to study the origin of the universe.
The distance that light travels in one year.
The transmission of light towards the red end of the spectum; used to measure the speed and direction of movement in space.
The number of years ago that the Big Bang occurred.
The two elements that comprise our Sun. (seperate with a comma)
The type of reaction that our Sun uses to generate energy.
A star with an iron core that will release heavier elements when it explodes.
A cloud of gas and dust.
The hypothesis that states our galaxy came about from a spinning area of gas and dust.
The name given to our early Earth that was 1,000x larger and 500x more massive.
This was created following the impact of a large meteor or planet with Earth.
The two-word term given to the process of the separation of matter based on density; created the layers of our Earth.
The two metals found in the inner core. (seperate with a comma)
The substance found in the mantle.
The number of years ago that the Earth was formed.
The number of years ago that the oceans were formed.
The ocean's salinity came about from ___________ weathering, which occurred as high amounts of acid rain falling from the skies.
The ocean's salinity came about from ____________ weathering, which occured from the mechanical breakdown of rocks.
This gas entered the oceans from seeping through fissures and hydrothermal vents.
This is the average worldwide salinity of the ocean, measured in ppt.
The number of years ago that the first life form appeared on Earth.
The two scientists that created the primordial soup and simulated the origin of the first amino acids. (seperate with a comma)
The three gases used by the above scientists to simulate the early atmosphere. (seperate with a comma)
The first 'cell' that was comprised of a protein-based membrane and was capable of growth and division.
The first organisms to arise used this type of metabolic pathway.
Chemosynthetic autotrophs, which arose near hydrothermal vents, are classified in this kingdom.
The first photosynthetic organism; comprise stromatolites.
The main product of photosynthesis that provides energy to autotrophs.
The atmospheric layer of gas that protects the Earth from UV radiation.
Cellular respiration breaks down glucose into this form of usable energy for cells.
The name of the theory given to the rise of eukaryotes.
The first eukaryotic kingdom to arise.

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